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Construction Time: 7 Years (1991 - 1997)

Engine: 0290-D2 Lycoming (Fm 1993 Tripacer)

Cruise at 2250 RPM - 90 MPH

Landing/Stall Speed: 55MPH

Color: Dakota Black & Navada Silver

Paint: Stitts Aerothane



Construction started in October 1990, in the basement of my home in Bettendorf, Iowa. During the first year, I completed the cockpit controls, tail feathers and wing ribs. In the spring of 1991, I was transfered to St. Paul, Minnesota where after 6 months of rebuilding a shop building, I finally got started on the welding, which was completed by the spring of 1993 when I was again transfered to Kansas City. The remainder of the aircraft was completed during 1994 & 1995. In 1996, I purchased a home 15 miles south of Kansas City, Mo. near a small community of Cleveland. The new place has two hangers (in v/poor condition) and a 1,900 ft runway. After another remodeling job on the hanger, I again got back to covering and painting during 1997. After about 6 months of small details fuel leaks, oil leaks, new mags on the engine, complying with "AD's" on the carb, it was certified to fly in September 1997.

Hatz Bi-Plane Parts & Stuff Available from Danford's Service


"N" number Graphics 4 inch (Pair) $20.00

Hatz LoGo Graphics (Pair) $25.00

Wing BowsBows (Set of Four) $150.00

Center Section BowsBow (Each) $75.00

State color perference or request a color chip for Graphics

Bows are made from Popular and laminated per plans


Estimated UPS Freight & Packaging;

Wing Bows $25.00 Ctr Bow $10.00 Graphics $5.00

Delivery depends on current stock availability

E-Mail or write for futher information.


Click on Photo to Enlarge

First Shipment First Rib Wing Bows & Ctr Bow Stack of Ribs Center Section Bottom Wing Hardware Checking it Wheels First Passenger Cabane's Firewall Attaching Bows Wing Wing Sides Metal Panel Wicker Seats Brass Windshield Frames Rollout Rollout Engine foam Foam Covering Painting Cockpit

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